Fast Loans SA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for me o get an answer on my loan application ?
It normally takes 24 to 48 hours.

Who contacts to let me know the outcome of my loans application?
The service provider will contact you with an outcome of the application , you can also call us at any time and we will help you.

If I am under debt review or under administration can I still apply ?
We are unable to help you if you are under debt review or admin

Do you do credit checks ?
We don’t do credit checks , however our loan providers may perform a credit check on you.

Why has FASTLOANSA debited my account with R249?
We charge a fee of R249 once-off and a recurring membership fee which is debited directly from your bank account , the fee is for our 4 in 1 package which offers the free loan finding service,credit report and our exclusive Q-Assist program.

Can the service be cancelled ?
Yes the service can be cancelled  within 7 days off application.